About Adil

The ‘fancy-Dan’ graphics and marketing spiel areĀ gone! As of December 2013 I became a full-time maths teacher in a SEBD school in Leicester and this website will now house an attempt to share the very best of the work I developed as a freelance practitioner working with schools to make maths teaching more exciting and creative.

During a career of around 8 years working in schools and community settings, I worked alongside a massive amount of brilliant teachers, creatives and talented children and young people to together develop fun ways into maths. I was involved with 60 odd schools and have a hard drive and notebooks full of fun things to do with maths. Now that someone else is paying for my time I can afford to share that.

Despite teaching, I will continue with some elements of freelance work. Probably doing the odd summer school, bit of consultancy/CPD project and continuing to work on Infographics for various people. Do still get in touch to offer me money and the potential for interesting conversations!


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