Highfields postcard project

Printed postcards for Highfields School in Matlock arrived today… they look fantastic! And are just in time for the new academic year. The designs created in June by last years Year 7 pupils will be great for the anxious crop of new Year 7s coming up from 10 small feeder primary schools dispersed across the Matlock area. They are designed to help ease the worries and anxieties of the new pupils. In future years, the postcard will be sent to Year 6 pupils as part of the transition process to give a message to pupils direct from their peers.

I worked with 14 pupils in July this year to facilitate the design process and introduce the pupils to basic digitally sketching skills on Adobe Illustrator. The imagination and creativity of the pupils was fantastic – personally, I love the little characters which they doodled. Feel free to post with any comments!

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